Kite-Hydrofoil Racing

Kite racing has taken many forms over the past few years including snow-kite racing, buggy racing, twin-tip racing, and Hydrofoil racing.

I chose hydrofoil racing as my passion due to the similarity I found to 49er sailboat racing, which I previously competed in. Hydrofoil racing is a mixed gender sport which involves all riders starting the competition at a common starting line and racing around the course together. Whichever rider completes the course first is the winner.

The race course usually involves sailing a traditional windward-leeward (up-wind, down-wind) course. Floating buoys, also known as “marks”, are placed stationary in the water and outline the course for riders.

The riders wear jerseys with numbers on them for race officials to identify the finishers.

After a few days and a series of many, 12 minute races, a winner is named.

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