European Championships 2022

I recently completed the 2022 Europeans which were held in Nafpaktos, Western Greece. I arrived a week early and got some awesome days on the water to check my gear and get accustomed to the venue. Conditions throughout training were not “classic” for the venue but were great for trianing anyway.

The regatta had nearly 150 riders with full quota of 90 male athletes. I was the only male Canadian racing at the event due to limitations on entry for non-euro countries.

I had a pretty good first day with a top finish of 11th in a race. Due to some decent results in qualifying I was able to make silver fleet. We sailed on mainly 15m kites in what I would consider medium to strong wind and pretty flat water.

At the end of the week I ended the regatta in 43rd which was an improvement over my results last year in Montpellier.

I’m happy with the week and had a great time in Greece both on and off the water.

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