Toronto Icebreakers Regatta

The longstanding Icebreakers Regatta hosted the Kiteboarding fleet this year for the first time. This was the first kite race event ever held in Toronto. I sailed well and am happy to report I won the event. I placed first in 5 of 8 races and was the only person to complete every race due to tricky light wind conditions. This was the first time I had raced against all the other Canadians in many months and it was great to see where I stack up.

Icebreakers Results Here

Despite the cool weather for this May long weekend event, we had racing on both days. The event started with super light wind where we sailed our biggest kites. Then a huge storm blew through and luckily the race committee sent us ashore for safety. After the storm the wind remained up and had some good racing on smaller kites. Day 2 was tricky off-shore wind conditions but we prevailed and were able to race.

It was a great event and I was excited to discuss future events with the volunteers from Ash Bridges Bay Yacht Club and Etobicoke Yacht Club. We will likely return for 2 events in 2023 held in Toronto. It is great to see the racing scene expanding in Canada.

Next up is a training block in Montreal followed by 2 big events in Europe in June.

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