CORK 2021

This year is the first year that the very established institution of CORK (Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston) is holding a kitefoiling event. We are all super excited to have another event in Kingston this year. The even was scheduled for 4 days of racing.

Day 1 involved some very strange wind conditions from the north-west. Since this wind direction is coming from the land instead of over the water it can be much more challenging and unpredictable.

Day 2 we were unable to race due to low wind.

Day 3 we attempted to race and got on the course but then the wind died again, resulting in no races that day.

Day 4 we were able to complete 3 races ending with some very light wind again.

Total number of races was only 7 over 4 days.

Unfortunately, this event I claimed 2nd place overall again, just shy of first by a handful of points. With plenty to work on, I will continue to train in preparation for the European Championships in Montpellier, France.


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