Magdalen Islands

After some delays due to fog, we made it to the Magdalen Islands safe with all of our gear. 

This was my first time to the islands and this place is absolutely amazing. Despite some rather cold weather compared to Ontario, it is so beautiful here. We rented a house with a few others and had a wonderful week enjoying the local food and exploring new places to kite. It was nice to spend some time on the water with pure fun in mind and not focusing on our training. 

I think about other athletes who have spoken about burnout and try to remind myself why I started kiteboarding. This was a sport where I could enjoy being on the water with few barriers and not having to rely on others to do it. I do think it’s important to take training seriously but it is also great to share the sport with your friends and support group who do for recreation. 

We had a short but fun training session and then everyone spent the remainder of the time focusing on other disciplines of kiteboarding. I got to test out my wing foil for the first time and spend some time back on a twin tip. 

I returned to Kingston refreshed and ready to train hard in the upcoming camp hosted by Sail Canada. 

See the amazing photos of the landscape below:

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