Sail Canada Training Blocks

The national sport authority for Sailing, Sail Canada, also governs the kite foil racing. This winter Sail Canada made an announcement about new support and training camps that will be hosted this summer. The purpose is to identify the level of skill the athletes have and start to identify candidates for the National Sailing Team in preparation for the 2021 World Championships.

I was accepted into the training block in Toronto for early May, however the camp was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Fortunately, the second clinic was able to go ahead. This clinic was held in Montreal the last few days of May and had a good number of riders from the east coast. Due to weather we were unable to kite the first day bit coach Dan Cunningham made up for this on the subsequent days. We spent a solid 4-5 hours on the water both days practicing race starts and maneuvers.

Each day I clocked over 110 kilometers of travel via kiteboard while sailing around our practice course. The conditions were superb with the ability to use our largest kites for light wind and our medium sized kites for the stronger winds.

Next up after this camp will be a trip to the Magdalen Islands in a few weeks time with a few friends and training partners. Hoping to spend some time on the ocean and get some waves. Beyond the formal training we will have some fun with freestyle kiting and try some Wing-Foiling.

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