FORK Regatta 2020

Photos and Results Below

This year we hosted FORK the first week of October 2-4. Due to Covid-19 restrictions this will be the only event I have been able to attend since Mexico.

It was an exciting year for FORK as there was considerable interest by Sail Canada and increased support from The Kingston Yacht Club. We had Program Director, Ken Dool present on the race course over the weekend. Sail Canada provided GPS tracking support and data analysis after the event.

Unfortunately due to weather conditions day 1 and day 2 did not have any races.

Day 3 (Oct 4th)

The Race Committee was keen and managed to start 6 races back to back throughout the day during a solid window of south west breeze.

Race 1 consisted of most athletes starting on 15m kites. My start was solid and I punched out ahead by the first tack. The first upwind I felt appropriately powered up and kept the lead. However, during the second down wind leg of the race the breeze had dropped quite a bit. I was able to secure 1st place in the first race on the Flysurfer VMG2 15m. Immediately after finishing I quickly returned to the launch at Lake Ontario Park and switched over to the 21m and returned to the course in time for the next race.

Race 2 I had a similar start but undershot my lay line to the windward mark and had to throw in 2 more tacks than expected. This cost me a position and I finished in 2nd.

After six races I had 4 second and 2 first place results. A net score of 8 points with a discard meant that I tied for First place but ended second place in the event.

I was very happy with this final result as it was my best FORK since the regatta started. I felt that the hard work spent in Mexico last winter had paid off. I look forward to my next event.

In the mean time, I will be contributing to the pandemic efforts by working for the Federal Government as a Registered Nurse in a prison based Covid unit.

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