COVID-19 and the Broken Van

Unfortunately due to somewhat unforeseen circumstances with the global pandemic, I have decided to leave Mexico early. My trip across California and the USA has been cancelled.

My van had some issues the last few days here and due to the Canadian government telling citizens to come home immediately, I have decided to leave my van here in La Ventana and fly home. The van could not be fixed in time to start the 10-14 day drive home. Fortunately, there is a reliable local who will fix the van and store it for me for the year.

My hope is to return to La Ventana next winter for some more training, and perhaps drive it home at that time. I am so lucky to have been able to take the time off work and I have had so much fun kiting nearly every day.

This has been roller-coaster of a trip but it was very productive and I am excited to return home.

Till next time, LV!


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