Mexico 2020

This year I decided to take a few months off work and travel to Mexico for training. I am now 3 weeks into training here in La Ventana. With consistent and predictable conditions, training has been very productive. I have been participating in weekly racing with 4-Elements Kiteboarding. They are a local kite-school that has set up a weekly race series for kite foilers.

It is really nice to spend the week training then see how much you have improved against other riders the following week. Both weeks of racing have been in very FRESH conditions.

Week 1 had approximately 12 racers in 9m kite conditions, big waves and 25 knots of breeze. I felt pretty good with my finishes based on the fleet competing. This was an eventful day outside of racing because while I was cruising downwind I looked over my left shoulder and saw a huge Grey Whale. Immediately, stressed I was going to fall in front of the whale, I decided to gybe away, landed the gybe and went off screaming to tell my friends. Five minutes later, I saw a big Sea turtle!! What a great day!

Week 2 was similar but we were racing on juiced up 11m kites. I had a couple good races with solid finishes behind some top pro riders. No gear breakdowns, and no injuries. Overall, a good day!

These days I am riding the F-One Diablo V4 quiver and a new Mikes Lab foil. The new foil has been a game changer for me and I am feeling faster than ever.

More updates to come as the Hydrofoil Pro Tour approaches in 2 weeks time.

Stay Frothy my friends!

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