US Kite Foil Nationals – Chicago 2018

This past weekend was the USA Kite Foil Nationals held in The Windy City at the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club. Along with my training partners, Mike and Tom and our trusty friend Laura, we loaded up our gear in the van and set off on the 13 hour drive.

ontrose Beach at the north end of the city. Lake Michigan threw out some very unstable conditions on day 1 of the event. Race Officer, Robbie Dean was able to get 4 races off on friday. Racers started riding 18 meter kites during the first 2 races and then the wind picked up to near 20 knots and the change was made to 11 and 15m kites.

When the switch was made to my new FOne Diablo V4 11m I was able to come back in race 3 with a 4th place. Unfortunately the event did not have any additional races on day 2 and day 3 due to lack of wind. The regatta organizers had some great social events and wonderful food during the evenings.

Overall a very fun event and we hope for more wind at the next event we attend in Chicago.

Thanks to Val and Windy City Kiteboarding for setting up the event.


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